All events vary so much and we are here to help!  These are some of our most common questions, but don't hesitate to reach out.  We cannot wait to talk to you! (775) 686-0530

Can I bring my own food/beverages or do I need to hire a specific caterer?

Yes!  You can bring your own food or work with anyone you would like!  We can provide a list of companies.  We want to make your planning as easy as possible and can accommodate most anything you can dream up.

What kind of deposit do you require to save my date?

We ask that you provide 1/2 of your rental fee to reserve your date and the other 1/2 is due 1 week prior to your event day.

What type of payment do you accept?

We are set up to receive cash, credit, and check.

Do you work with non-profits?

We absolutely love working with non-profits and for good causes.  Contact us at (775) 686-0530 and set up a time so we can work with you.

What is included with my rental?

Our rentals are all inclusive and include the space, parking, tables, chairs, linens (limited colors), AV system use, 8 oz water bottles, and coffee.

Do you have additional things for rent?

While we do have multiple items you are welcome to use (like stands, easels, sandwich signs, etc.) to make your event spectacular, we do not offer any additional rental items.  We do have great partnerships with some local companies though.

How much time do I have for setup and cleanup?

Your rental includes 1 hour before your event and 1 hour after your event for setup and cleanup.

Are there any items that are prohibited?

We want you to make the space your own during your rental.  We do not allow open flame or holes in the walls.

Do you have references?

Absolutely!  While we are a new Event Space here in Reno, we have already had multiple people who enjoy using our space to entertain their guests and they would love to brag about us a little.

What’s the best way to get to the event center?

From 80E:

  • Exit

From 80W:

  • Exit

From Midtown:

  • Drive